Can Harness and
Carrying Strap

Extinguisher is held in place by Two (2) 3" Velcro Straps (2700 lbs. of holding power). For safety a 3-D ring goes up through the hook bracket on the extinguisher in the event the straps tear open preventing the extinguisher from falling out. With this harness the extinguisher can be carried horizontally with one hand or over the shoulder, straps are black in color and fit all water extinguishers including ones with plastic bottoms.

$40.00 FECS-29

Extinguisher Strap Bracket Set

The can mounting bracket is designed to hold various types of extinguishers. The strap is made of 2" Velcro and is attached to an aluminum plate. This system allows you to mount your can almost anywhere.

$30.00 FESB-29