K-Tool Kit

The complete K-Tool Kit Includes:
- K-Tool
- Shove Knife
- Set of Keys
- Leather Pouch
- Operators Manual

K-Tool: A tool designed (by an FDNY Fire Lieutenant & licensed locksmith) to pull all types of lock cylinders (rim or mortise) from the various glass type or solid doors.

Keys: Set of Keys that can be inserted into lock cylinder hole after cylinder is pulled that moves the lock bolt to the open positions.

Manual: A manual provided to explain the use of the K-Tool & R-Tool and the "Thru the Lock" method of forcible entry.

Pouch: A top grain leather punch designed to carry the K-Tool and set of Keys and Shove Knife. Prevents loss and keeps the tools together.

Specifications: High Alloy Steel, Replaceable Blades, Small in Size, Loop in tool to receive one of the standard tools for Leverage (Pro-Bar).

$150.00 FKT-7


1 - Small Straight Blade - Permits tool to engage lock cylinder in tight areas.
2 - Large Y Blade - Permits tool to engage any size lock cylinder.
3 - Blade Ends Tapered - Permits tool to engage lock cylinder installed flush in the door.
4 - Sharp Leading Edges Both Blades - Permits tool to take bite into body of lock cylinder.
5 - Loop - Can receive the adz or fork end of any of the standard forcible entry tools (to provide leverage to pull cylinder from door).


K-Tool Kit Parts

Blades (Set of Two) - $65.00 FKTB-38

Leather Carrying Pouch - $35.00 FKTP-38

Keys (Set of Two) - $12.00 FKTK-38