Pick and Flat Head Axes

Axes perfectly balanced to lay correctly in the hands for that short strike on an iron or padlock breaker. Large, oversized head make the strike zone more accurate and easy to hit. Cutting edge is annealed to keep its edge longer. Super strong yellow handle with a rigid fiberglass core surrounded by durable shock absorbing foam. A combination that eliminates the need for hand grips and prevents splintering and breaking on overstrike.

Length: Total Overall is 35"
Also Available Axe Brackets

Pick Axes
6 lb. Fiberglass - $50.00 - PAF-6-8
6 lb. Hickory aa- $45.00 - PAH-6-8
8 lb. Fiberglass - $100.00 - PAF-8-8
Flat Head Axes
6 lb. Fiberglass - $50.00 - FAF-6-8
6 lb. Hickory - $45.00 - FAH-6-8

Flat Head - Force Axe
8 lb. Fiberglass - $95.00 - FAF-8-8


8 lb. Force Axe/ADZ Bracket
$100.00 - PAFB-8-8