Rex Tool

Rex Tool is a Lock Pulling Tool, shaped like a "U" with sharp tapered blades, on one end, that bite into lock cylinders of all shapes and sizes. Extra leverage and original head design provide the mechanical advantage to pull well secured lock cylinders. Chisel end, on the other end, is used to drive rim locks after cylinders are removed.

Unit Features:
- 24 inches long
- Wide Opening
- Celtex Fire Retarded Grips
- Two Lock Operating Keys with each unit that are stored in the
handle grip for easy access
- Shove Knife

Rex Tool - $150.00 Model FRT-6


Lil Rex Tool Kit

The tool features the same lock pulling head as the Rex Tool, but without the pry bar. You can carry it in your pocket, and when needed, apply it to a lock cylinder and use your Pro Bar as the pry. The Lil Rex comes with a leather carrying case and a mini entry key.

Lil Rex Tool Kit - $140.00 Model FLRT-39