The Ultimate in Forcible Entry

The "Hydra-Ram®" is the first and only one piece integrated hydraulic forcible entry tool.
No hoses or auxiliary pumps to leak or trip on, and can be operated by one person.


- A patented process incorporating integral aircraft seals or triplex quality is used to prevent leaking.
- Fluid is non-flammable, non-toxic and non-freezing.
- Special stainless steel jaws are made of 220,000 tensile strength.
- Body is special aluminum heat treated and anodized to a color of tactical black.
- Special finger grips for a non-slip holding surface.
- 10,000 lbs. of force at 138 lbs. or pumping acquires 3/4" opening per stroke to maximum opening of 4 inches (HR I) or 6 inches (HR II).
- Can be placed in any position even upside down without any effect on its operations.
- Takes only seven pumps to achieve the 4 inch opening 8-10 pumps for 6" opening.


Hydra-Ram® I - 12 lbs. - 13 inches -FHR-1-2
Hydra-Ram® II - 13 lbs. - 15 inches -FHR-2-2


Unit Placed in Closed Door Jam




Door Being Forced Opened


Hydra-Ram® is a registered trademark of Hydra-Ram, Inc. and is patented


Hydra-Ram Bag
Black Vinyl

$60.00 FHRB-38